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Diyas oil lamps


These Diyas are traditional cast brass oil or butter lamps with a contemporary expression made by Case Goods from India.  A ‘Diya’ is an oil lamp with a cotton wick dipped in vegetable oils. Case Goods’ Diyas are designed to last a lifetime and will age beautifully over time. Mix the two different sizes for a warm and inviting installation.

Each set includes around 50 wicks that can be cut in half to provide around 100 wicks for the small Diyas. The oil is not included, but typically (in India) cooking oil is used. We recommend to use sunflower oil or lamp oil.

Material: Cast brass, it will develop a beautiful patina over time.
Color: dark gold
Size Small: L 5 x H 2,5 cm, Large: L 6,8 cm x 3,2 cm
Delivery: For orders outside of Europe, please send your request to info@studio-yen.com.

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